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Whether new or well-versed, our friendly Budtenders are here to help. From fresh flower measured deli-style to premium edibles & pre-rolls, we curate the best.

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Cannabis can be consumed in many ways.  Each method includes different THC and CBD percentages, and can vary in type as Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. These properties will indicate the effects it may cause your body. Whether you are new or well-versed, our knowledgeable Budtenders are here to help. Call or email us anytime: (517) 759-4428        MEDICAL MENU     /     REC MENU
Cannabis flowers contain the plant’s most potent and diverse medicines. After the larger, less potent leaves have been trimmed away, the flowers become the delicious buds we offer fresh to your order, from our airtight, deli-style containers. These marijuana buds are primarily intended to be smoked or vaporized for an array of effects unique to each crop. Unlike eating cannabis, which can take over an hour to reach its full effect, patients will feel the effects of smoked or vaporized medical cannabis almost immediately. This makes it ideal for patients in need of fast acting relief. Medical cannabis flowers have been utilized by humans for medicinal properties for thousands of years. Diverse varieties of this holistic plant grow all over the world. The names indica and sativa have been used to describe the two main types of physically distinct cannabis plants. An indica plant is short and bushy. Usually, these plants’ flowers have sedative and body relaxing medicinal effects. Sativas are tall, spindly plants. Their buds tend to have energetic, cerebral effects.         MEDICAL MENU     /     REC MENU
Marijuana edibles are a wonderful, discreet option for patients and recreational users. We offer a wide selection, including gummies, mints, chocolates, caramels, infused-honey, and brownie bites. Not to mention gluten-free options! The effects of eaten cannabis can vary greatly among patients. This powerful medication can bring amazing pain relief to patients, however large doses of THC can cause nausea. For new or inexperienced patients, we recommend starting with a small dose of 5mg or less THC, preferably taken with an equal or greater dose of CBD. We find that CBD can help lessen the negative effects associated with too much THC.         MEDICAL MENU     /     REC MENU
Through an extremely careful procedure, cannabis oil is separated from the bloom. It is put in little glass compartments where you can vape it electronically. Each puff has a particular measure of THC or potentially CBD. Your Budtender will indicate the measurement required for your condition.  Capsules and Syringes use oils/concentrates.         MEDICAL MENU     /     REC MENU
Ingesting drops or capsules can be a wonderful, discrete option for patients. These items come in a range of potency and combinations of THC and CBD. As of now, authorized makers are selling oil-based cases (Cannimed, MedReleaf, Tilray, Tweed Main Street) and decarboxylated cannabis which can be utilized to create your own containers (Hydropothecary).         MEDICAL MENU     /     REC MENU
Although cannabis has gained much esteem for its medicinal properties when taken internally, it has numerous beneficial properties when used externally as well. Ointments, lotions, salves, and balms infused with cannabis offer a complex, natural therapy for localized pains and irritations. Cannabis applied topically will not produce psychotropic effects, which makes it a wonderful option for patients wishing to limit that aspect of their cannabis treatment. Much like the difference in effects when ingested, THC and CBD provide different benefits when applied to the skin. The combination of the two medicines has been known to reduce inflammation, bruising, and neuropathy.         MEDICAL MENU     /     REC MENU
We offer premium instruments to foster your experience. These devices enhance the manner in which you ingest your measurement. From vaping pens to pipes, our Budtenders can pair you with the perfect accessory for your ritual. Find GEAR on either of our menus:      MEDICAL MENU     /     REC MENU
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